Dimas Solar Industry | Energy Plus
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High aesthetics and functionality are the main characteristics of the solar collector series ENERGY+

DIMAS SA innovates with evidence and presents the advantages of the collector series designed for the Mediterranean climate!


Product Line
ENERGY+EVO Absorptive aluminum surface with blue selective PVD coating technology. • ø8mm Risers.
ENERGY+ECO Absorptive aluminum surface with black selective coating. • ø8mm Risers.
ENERGY+ARGO Absorptive aluminum surface with blue selective PVD coating technology • ø15mm Risers

• 8 available sizes range from 1.5 m² to 2.9 m².
• Global installation system with internal movable parts
• Lightweight for easy transport and installation.
• One-piece anodized profile, non-corrosion technology for ultimate seal against moisture and air micro-particles.
• Safety glass with high permeability.
• Back and side glass-wool insulation.
• HARP type absorber (headers and risers) welded with laser technology
• x2 stainless vents positioned at the bottom.
• Vertically or horizontally mounting possibility
• x2 or x4 outlets Cu D22.