Dimas Solar Industry | Technology
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DIMAS SA always invests in new technologies and constantly updates its production process in order to reach the optimal quality of produced goods, while ensuring faster response to demand.

Indicative, the company’s facilities are equipped with the following equipment:

• 4 Automatic LASER welding machines (6 sources), for the manufacturing of the aluminium surface absorbers.

• 1 Robotic ULTRASONIC welding machine, for manufacturing of the copper surface absorbers.

• 2 Automatic soldering machines, for the production of the HARP absorbers.

• 1 Cleaning and washing machine, for the transparent glass cover of the collector.

• 6 Automatic machines for drilling, cutting and shaping of the copper tube, for the construction of headers of the absorbers.

• 6 Cutting and bending hydraulic presses, for the manufacturing of the metal parts for the mounting structures.