new ideas

better products

DIMAS SA always invests in new technologies and constantly updates its production process in order to reach the optimal quality of products, while ensuring a faster response to demand. The company’s facilities are equipped with the following machinery:
  • 4 Automatic LASER welding machines (6 sources), for the manufacturing of aluminium-surface absorbers.
  • 1 Robotic ULTRASONIC welding machine, for the manufacturing of copper-surface absorbers.
  • 2 Automatic soldering machines, for the production of the HARP absorbers.
  • 1 industrial-line washing machine, including industrial cleaning systems, for the transparent glass cover of the collector.
  • 6 Automatic machines for drilling, cutting and shaping of the copper tubes, for the construction of headers for the absorbers.
  • 6 Cutting and bending hydraulic presses, for the manufacturing of the metal parts of the mounting structures.