Invest in the future!

DIMAS SA is a manufacturing company which has been operating in the field of solar energy since 1979. As a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of solar systems we have been continuously developing the quality and efficiency of our products which are widely known and well established in Greece and abroad. Through many years of experience and advanced levels of skill, DIMAS SA targets organized production development, certified by ISO 9001:2015, in order to provide cost effective solutions with tremendous benefits for humanity and the environment.
Integrated solar systems, solar panels, absorbers and fins, as well as mounting structures with accessory kits are subjects of research, development and manufacturing. Certified by SOLAR KEYMARK and SRCC, tested even in the most extreme weather conditions we are ready to meet the most demanding customer.
With the most competitive sales network in Greece and abroad, we are well known as the most powerful Greek manufacturer of solar systems. Since 1998, DIMAS SA has collaborated with companies in all European countries, while gradually developing our own sales network in the USA, the Middle East, North Africa, Latin America, Asia and Australia. Investing in strong cooperation, we are expanding into future markets with new solar power technologies for sustained development.
Dedication, hard work, public interest and environmental sensitivity are the key-words that characterize the people of DIMAS SA, a company that offers high quality solar energy solutions for your everyday life.