Dimas Solar Industry | The company
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DIMAS SA is a manufacturing company operating in the field of solar energy since 1979. A pioneer in the design and manufacturing of solar systems develops continuously the quality and efficiency of its products with well known recognition in Greece and abroad. Through many years of experience and skilled knowledge levels, DIMAS SA targets in organized production development, certified by ISO 9001:2008, in order to provide cost effective solutions with tremendous benefits for the humanity and the environment.
Integrated solar systems, solar panels, absorbers and fins, mountings structures with accessories kits are subjects of research, development and manufacturing. Certified by SOLAR KEYMARK and SRCC, tested even at the most extreme weather conditions are ready to meet the most demanding customer.
With the most competitive sales network in Greece and abroad, is well known as the most powerful Greek manufacturer of solar systems. DIMAS SA since 1998 collaborates with companies in all countries of Europe, while gradually develops its own sales network in USA, Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Australia. Investing in strong cooperation, we penetrate in future markets and new technologies of solar power, for a healthy development.
Dedication, hard work, public interest, environmental sensitivity are words that characterize the people of DIMAS SA, a company that offers qualitative solar energy solutions to your life everyday.




Annual financial report of 2014

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