DIMAS Company offers integrated systems for the tiled roof, which combine excellent quality, high efficiency, very easy installation and gives the best solution for saving energy.

Solar systems made of high quality materials, controlled by quality assurance system ISO 9001:2008, and carrying all international certificates and test reports that proof their quality.

Suitable for home use, achieve very fast production of domestic hot water, saving energy throughout the year, even in areas with little sunshine because of their selective collector surface.

The installation on any tiled roof can be done easily with the electrostatic painted support kit, which allows the installation of the solar system without piercing or breaking the tiles (thus without affecting the water tightness of the tiled roof) and placement of the collector based on embedded movable parts.

The solar range includes 3 types available in 120-160-200 L, combined with selective surface collectors with dimensions 1. 75 – 2.30 - 2.75 m, either positioned horizontal or vertical, giving greater flexibility in difficult spatial cases.