Every morning we start our work thinking about where we started and continue by writing the quality of the organization with Love – Mutual benefit – Harmony – Reliability – Love.

The one of the two founders of Dimas SA, Εvagelos Dimas
Kostas Dimas

We started this company expected to challenge and be challenged with focus and intent to create solar solutions that matter mostly to our customers and help build a sustainable future.

The one of the two founders of Dimas SA, Kostas Dimas
Evangelos Dimas

The idea was born in 1977 by Konstantinos Dimas, a merchant marine engineer and in 1979 together with his brother Vangelis Dimas, a machinist, they introduced themselves to the free market based in Argos Argolis, with the mission of manufacturing and marketing solar water heaters.

Both well-traveled, recognized the need to supply consumers with hot water taking advantage of the abundant sunlight in their hometown Argos in the Argolis area while electricity was at premium prices. After setting up a small shop to develop and test their first ideas, the first complete solar hot water system was sold two years later. The market’s response was overwhelming and led to a continues growth for almost half a century, resulting in today’s Dimas Solar Company. Konstantinos and Vangelis continue to provide inspiration and consulting the company since their passion for what we do, remains stronger than ever.


For almost half a century Dimas SA enjoys a leading position to the Greek market and established a strong worldwide presence. Product development and manufacturing continues to focus on the solar thermal energy products.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and efficient production techniques allow our company to offer high quality products at very competitive prices.

Our product lines include complete thermosiphon solar hot water systems, solar collectors, solar absorbers, thermosiphon tanks, mounting structures and accessories. 


Pioneers in design, we develop methodologies in order to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of our organization and products, we aim for organized development, certified according to international industrial Standards, such as ISO9001, SOLAR KEYMARK, SRCC, SASO, DCL, in order to offer economic solutions with huge advantages for the people and environment.

We invest in partnerships with corporate and academic organizations, in order to participate in solar technologies and future markets for healthy growth.

Dedicated to the production & development of solar energy systems for the last 43 years, we are fully committed to fight the threat of climate change by supporting a low carbon world powered from the free energy given plenty from the sun.

Tassos Dimas


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Dimas SA Producer of Solar Products and Energy Solutions

Dimas Solar

2nd km Argos-Nafplio
21200, Argos, Greece

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One Stop shop in solar thermosiphon systems manufacturing and subcontracting. Activities cover the entire spectrum of operations - raw material to end product, with integrated Design - Cutting - Forming - Machining - Welding - Coating - Assemble - Printing - Packaging - Testing - Transportation solutions.
Import, export and trade of raw materials.
Our product range includes more than 89 different item types, such as:

- Solar collectors
- Thermosiphon tanks
- Mounting structures
- Accessories kits
- Solar absorbers & strips
- Complete thermosiphon solutions

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Mr. Anastasios Dimas