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Sol+ Collector

Manufactured with high performance excellence. A collectors series, designed to meet the cold continental climate and the conditions of reduced solar radiation, is able to meet its energy needs in the most extreme weather conditions.

* Recommended for forced circulation systems.

• 8 available sizes range from 1.5 m² to 2.9 m².
• Global installation system with internal movable parts
• Lightweight for easy transport and installation.
• One-piece anodized profile, non-corrosion technology for ultimate seal against moisture and air micro-particles.
• Safety glass with high permeability.
• Back and Side rock-wool insulation .
HARP type absorber (headers and risers) welded with LASER technology
• x4 stainless hidden vents.
• Vertically or horizontally mounting possibility
• x2 or x4 outlets Cu ø22.

Available types certified by SOLAR KEYMARK & SRCC.

SOL + 15 17 19 20 23 25 27 29
• Absorptive aluminum surface with blue selective PVD coating technology.
• ø8 risers.

Your OEM Partner
DIMAS SA undertakes any drawings from you, in order to design and build the collectors you need, so you can compile your own solar system or any solar project of yours!