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Dimas SA Producer of Solar Products and Energy Solutions

Dimas Solar

2nd km Argos-Nafplio
21200, Argos, Greece

+30 27510 20920-2

+30 27510 62671





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One Stop shop in solar thermosiphon systems manufacturing and subcontracting. Activities cover the entire spectrum of operations - raw material to end product, with integrated Design - Cutting - Forming - Machining - Welding - Coating - Assemble - Printing - Packaging - Testing - Transportation solutions.
Import, export and trade of raw materials.
Our product range includes more than 89 different item types, such as:

- Solar collectors
- Thermosiphon tanks
- Mounting structures
- Accessories kits
- Solar absorbers & strips
- Complete thermosiphon solutions

84191900, 84199085, 84191200



Mr. Anastasios Dimas