Manufacturing Excellence Awards 2021

On Tuesday 05 October 2021, the Manufacturing Excellence Awards 2021 awarding ceremony took place, at the Kallistis estate in Markopoulos, by Boussias Communications.

DIMAS SA as an extroverted, innovative and dynamic company, maintaining its leading position, worldwide, in the production of Solar Collectors, won the Bronze award for “Best Production Planning” in the section “Factory Management”.

In a period of deep economic and health crisis, with rapid increases in the prices of industrial raw materials and with the simultaneous collapse of the supply chains worldwide, DIMAS SA was ready and increased the levels of On-Time- In-Full delivery (OTIF) by 96% in 2020.

In addition, there was an increase in sales, exports and management of more finished products, without increasing the stocks of raw materials accordingly.

The pandemic, accompanied by the collapse of material deliveries and rising prices, found DIMAS SA prepared; therefore, not only maintained its position, but expanded even more commercially and productively.

Following a completely advanced production system, DIMAS SA maintains its leading title as the most reliable company, worldwide, in the field of Solar Thermal Industry.


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Dimas SA Producer of Solar Products and Energy Solutions

Dimas Solar

2nd km Argos-Nafplio
21200, Argos, Greece

+30 27510 20920-2

+30 27510 62671





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One Stop shop in solar thermosiphon systems manufacturing and subcontracting. Activities cover the entire spectrum of operations - raw material to end product, with integrated Design - Cutting - Forming - Machining - Welding - Coating - Assemble - Printing - Packaging - Testing - Transportation solutions.
Import, export and trade of raw materials.
Our product range includes more than 89 different item types, such as:

- Solar collectors
- Thermosiphon tanks
- Mounting structures
- Accessories kits
- Solar absorbers & strips
- Complete thermosiphon solutions

84191900, 84199085, 84191200



Mr. Anastasios Dimas